Alp candidate confident of gaven win (Getty Images)

* A former Labor prime minister Tony Abbott made a thinly veiled attack on former PM Julia Gillard on Thursday morning, when he urged Australians to back a no-confidence vote against her.

“I don’t think the next Labor leader will be one of those people who has such views about women or about LGBTI people,” Mr Abbott said, according to a report in Thursday’s Fairfax.

* New figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed the number of LGBTI young people seeking assisted suicide has fallen from 21,000 in 2005 to 19,500 in 2016.

“More than 17,000 individuals had reached their end of the tunnel by the time of death last year and this year’s data suggests there is an increased trend for LGBTI people seeking assisted suicide in the foreseeable future,” said the ABS.

* On Friday, the Australian Government also announced a crackdown on prostitution and trafficking through its Anti-Prostitution, Child and Online Protection scheme.

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* Australia is set to officially take the lead position in the international fight against HIV/Aids in October, as the first of 14 major anti-AIDS conventions begin in the US.

* Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday reiterated his country’s position that human rights and global trade will not be protected under a deal to curb climate change, telling supporters that Australia will fi???????????????ght a campaign against the accord.

“If we join in, as we’ve always done, we will stand against climate change,” Mr Abbott said. “This world view and that sort of view of the world that we wish to be a part of is not compatible with what the future is likely to hold for people around the world.

“We believe people from all walks of life need to have acc???????????????ess to the safety nets of the future, not just those of today.”

* The Australian Government, with its $6.2 billion budget and record $200????????? ????????? million of corporate welfare, will spend $4 billion to create and maintain 50 community-led centres of expertise, which will ensure that people who come into contact with the world through the various programmes in Australian Children’s Services are also able to become better informed.

“We know we’re working with some amazing partners,” Mr Abbott said, in reference to the National Health Service, the Public Service Superannuation Age Commission, the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Community Based Health Care