Gallagher awarded for supporting cycling in Bristol

Climbers and cyclists unite to create Bristol City Cycling Alliance and have been a good voice. Now, we need to put a plan in place so that we can attract more people who can support cycling and help us make Bristol the Cycling Capital of Britain.

The coalition’s commitment to improve cycling??????????????? infrastructure will mean improved routes for those who cycle and more spaces for everyone.

Bristol City Cycling Alliance will bring together the city’s best cycling advocates in Bristol to find a solution to our problem of inadequate cycleways ??? that is no more ??? and take responsibility for our road networks to give everyone a better deal, which gives us a truly great and safer city.

The coalition is already in contact with local authorities to talk about ways to help, and that’s just the beginning.

Our roa????????? ?????????d network has suffered enough and is under threat of deteriorating due to the lack of investment by the coalition to improve cycling in this vital part of Bristol.

It was great to meet Chris and the team at the BMC summit and we have learned a lot from them during that meeting. They all seem keen to work with us to improve cycling, so we are delighted to welcome their experience and expertise and look forward to getting to work on a new strategy to protect cycling from the brink.

Bristol’s cycling-frie???????????????ndly streets are also a very promising future development in the Bristol cycling network, with the first cycling protected cyclepath coming to the south west.

But even though we’re getting a good start, we still have a long way to go to tackle traffic congestion on our roads. A key challenge is keeping our roads flexible enough for cyclists, both for recreational and commuting, with a view to increasing opportunities for people on bikes to share the roads.

We’ll continue our work to find ways to help reduce traffic and ensure we all have cycling safe ??? something we haven’t yet done with any of our current funding or schemes.

A big thank you from everyone for all the support so far, and look forward to working with the coalition on this new approach to safety.

We appreciate the partnership with the cycling advocacy group and believe it makes a real difference to the overall cycling vision.

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