Go home english portugal takes to streets after two police officers are gunned down in natyasastra.comtheir car in central Lisbon in the country’s worst terror attack in eight years.

The two police officers were shot dead by robbers while on duty in central Lisbon on Monday night, local media said.

A spokesman for the state pnatyasastra.comrosecutor’s office, Jose Manuel S??nchez O’Rear, confirmed that one of the officers was a former deputy of President Jose Luis Bosch and another had worked as an investigator for the police.

A second officer was shot dead in nearby Garuda, the police said.

The president had asked the state attorney general to investigate whether the police had acted negligently or recklessly.

‘Unacceptable behaviour’

In the attack, the men were on duty, when four men, aged between 17 and 30, pulled up at the side of a road and opened fire.

The car in which the victims were sitting, a white car, was shot dead by one of the men.

An officer who had been driving in the area heard the shots and managed to stop them, but the driver fled on foot through a field towards the border with the neighboring mainland.

Mr O’Rear said the shootings had been attempted, but he refused to elaborate.

“No one should be killed in the course of normal police work, especially when they are on duty,” Mr O’Rear said, adding he would have to speak with the security services over whether the police had acted criminally or not.

“But in this case, it is unacceptable behaviour. As the president of the country, it’s not acceptable for our justice system to be affected by a criminal organisation”.

In another attempt to calm a crowd of some 20,000 in central Lisbon,natyasastra.com a man was detained and brought before the president after police told him the man was a suspect in the attack.

Clerk of the state senate in Lisbon, Rosa Zuluaga, condemned the attack and offered to make the man pay for his sins.

“When the state is threatened, its officers cannot respond with their law enforcement services,” she said.

The police say the assailants took cash, cars, guns and ammunition from the policemen.

The attacks have sparked fears of rising intolerance in a country where people celebrate Christmas as the day when Jesus comes to Earth.