Technology & Plant Production System

Fresh, nutritious and safe high-quality vegetable production technology

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Planting Area

1st Floor


  • Planting area
  • Nursery & Germination
  • Quarantine Room
  • Post Harvest Work
  • Chemical Store
  • Toilet
  • Water Tank Storage

Ground Floor

1st Floor


Growing Facility

Customize Racking (Light Duty)

  • 2.5×2.5 hollow UPVC material
  • With fitting and accessories

Medium Duty Racking

  • With fiberglass raft or
  • With Styrofoam material

Light Duty Racking

  • With NFT trough
  • Build in irrigation
  • LED growth light

Trough NFT – Nutrient Film System

  • Nft vertical system for Sedia, Sabah

Hydroponic Trough

  • 2 x 5in trough top cover opening
  • 2 x 4in trough
  • Adaptors, end caps & joints

Nursery Trough

  • 300mm (w) x 6000mm (L)
  • Fitting and adaptors
  • Nursery trays

Hydroponic Planting Cup

Gemination Sponge

  • 1 slap 117 cubes

Trough DFT – Deep Flow System

Raft System

  • Deep flow system
  • Styrofoam raft
  • Customize reservoir/containers
  • Covering material (if needed)
  • Planting accessories

Agro Cube

Global Issues

Global issues such as climate change, natural disasters and climatic uncertainty, water and land pollution, intensive use of poisons, real estate sector land competition and loss of pasture have contributed to the reduction of agricultural productivity. This factor led to the evolution and innovation of agricultural technology especially for vegetable crop commodities to be more productive, intensive and sustainable in order to keep food supply safe and secure.


Indoor farming system is the latest method of cultivation. This method usually implements a vertical hydroponic system, artificial light and environmental control and monitoring system to meet nutrient requirements, light and crop conditions for optimal growth.


  • Efficient and effective method
  • No pollution and safe
  • Free of pests and diseases
  • Avoid weather uncertainty
  • Faster growth
  • Good
  • Effective cost
  • Fresh, nutritious and safe
  • Free from residual chemical residue
  • Sustainable productivity
  • High yield and quality

Cube Farm