Indoor Farming

Indoor Setup Hydroponic

Growth Light (LED)

Racking System

SCADA / IoT Monitoring System

Indoor farming is a method of growing crops or plants, usually on a large scale, entirely indoors. This method of farming often implements growing methods such as hydroponics and utilizes artificial lights to provide plants with the nutrients and light level required for growth.

A wide variety of plants can be grown indoors, but fruits, vegetables and herbs are the most popular.

Indoor farming often referred to as indoor gardening, can be used on both small and large scales. in home and commercially. However, indoor farming has a particular popularity in large cities where plots in land, in any size, are not readily available for growing and farming.

Most indoor farming uses a combination of hydroponics and artificial lighting to provide plants with the nutrients and light they would only receive when grown outdoors.



1. Efficient and effective method
  • No soil in this farming method
  • No weeds, don't need for herbicides
  • No pesticides or on insecticides

2. No need for field fumigation

3. Reduces the use of water

4. Plants grow faster and have higher yields

5. Protection from Climate Changing
  • High quality
  • High yield
  • Hygenics
  • Pesticide free
  • Sustainable

6. Indoor farming can be constructed
  • Empty room
  • Container
  • Shop lot
  • Warehouse
  • Factory


♦ Planning & Design ♦ Climate Control/ IoT ♦ Construction ♦ Led Plant Growth Light
♦ Growing System ♦ Irrigation & Fertigation ♦ Agronomist Support ♦ Marketing


Cube Farm

A New, Smarter Way to Farm - Get Growing in 30 days






Introducing the Cube Farm Precision Growing

- It is a completely turn key agricultural system without worries about the wheather, pests, heating proces or water.

- By growing the equivalentof an arce of field grown crops or 2,200sq ft of greenhouse space within a 320sq ft footprint.

- The Cube Farm is among the world's highest yielding agricultural systems.

- 90% less water use than conventional & greenhouse cultivation.

- 80% less fertilizer than conventing culvitation.

- Automatic record keeping for optimization.

- 34% less inventory loss through simpler logistics.



Exhaust fans, heating, air conditioning, integrated pest management, C02 generation, auto fill tanks, automatic nutrient dosage and constant air movement give you complete control

Modular and Easily Scalable

Create highly productive vertical farms by stacking the containers 5 high. Add a Cube Farm or remove a Cube Farm as demand fluctuates indoor farming urban farming hydroponics.

Online Monitoring

Manage your growing systems with over 18 sensors, all controllable from your smartphone. Daily logs, charts and specific parameters enable consistent optimization of the growing process.