Movie stars stay safe thanks to jellyfish expert

Jellyfish expert is behind the popular Jellyfish Jams, a jar of jellyfish and a jar of jellyfish cream. He says if it’s not safe for jellyfish to eat, it should at least be safe for humans.

“The problem is, there aren’t any standards. It’s up to the individual j??????????????????ellyfish enthusiast to decide what they want to eat. If it isn’t poisonous to eat, you’re not going to get that,” he said.

Merritt is a certified jellyfish expert and says it’s best to put his products on a tight time line to kee???????????????p them on top of all your favorite foods.

“I always have to make sure that everything I put on time line is safe,” he said.

The Jams are made by a local company, Jules Jams which makes a line of jellyfish and they sell them.

Merritt’s business is growing, and he said he will continue to make jellyfish and food for people in the area. He said Jammers can be enjoyed for dinner on the go, or if you have kids around, Jammers have been used in a number of programs for autism services and he’s even used some of the products in a “Borgman’s Miracle” to try to bring in more visitors.

“I like having people try it because they get differ???????????????ent reactions from people. People like it that it’s something to do. They like to have fun with it. They want to know it’s not too serious. So it’s great for something that isn’t a big deal,” he said.