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Datalogger with timestamp of records (RTC, Real Time Clock)

RS232, RS485, GSM/WIFI and Data/Req communication
Remote configuration and updates through GSM/WIFI port
Protocols Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, M-Bus, Data/Req, IP,ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, IEC60870-5-104:2000
Up to 4 digital input (contact/impulse/alarm) and 4 analog inputs (current/voltage/temperature probe) (Std model)
Expansion Unit if need more input for EWS and Zone for ESS
Power suply 15-36Vdc and emergency power suply 12 Vdc (Up to 72 h working with 7Ah battery)

General Description

GSM/WIFI Remote Terminal Unit FS 440-TFT was designed to measure, record and analyze real time signals. Stored data can be sent to remote users through GSM/WIFI modem.

In the event of loss of communication, the data is safely stored in the internal memory until communication is restored, providing safety and reliability to processes and control systems.
Supports the most common protocols over serial or remote port (such as M-Bus, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, IE60870-5-104: 2000), and a special transmission mode; "transparent mode" for special manufacturer protocol, so almost any device can be connected.
The communication ports are selectable, allowing you to choose exactly the necessary1equipment for each installation.


Features and Advantage of the System

Cloud monitoring

Can be monitored from anywhere anytime
Data downloading can be done without going to site
Alarm via SMS
Historical data trend
Low Communication cost (free if via wifi Network)
Responsive and mobile ready platform
Does not need to maintain server and purchase software
99.9% serer uptime
Fully automated site monitoring
Option for SSL128 security for data protection
Encrypted communication between device and server


Typical Setup


GSM/WIFI Remote Terminal Unit (FS 440-TFT)  

FS 440 -TFT was developed to provide local user interface for the application. With its built in 2.8" TFT Touch Screen, provides user with options to view and change the parameters and device operation.


Communicating with FS 440-TFT thru Short Messaging Service (SMS)  


Remote Monitoring Server Chart View   


Agriculture Sensors  

Application Sectors  
Water Industries

Water & Waste Water

Pumping station, water storage reservoir and water
distributions networks, for monitoring, data-logging and alerting function.
Pumping station, treatment plant, sewage network, for
monitoring, data-logging and alerting Function.
Agricultures Power Industries
Monitoring, data-logging and alerting. Typically in green house, irrigation and fish ponds. Mostly used as part of remote management system Can use this device to monitor, data-log and alerting. Typically used to monitor power consumption at distribution and sub-station.


Other Sector or Industries  
Any sector or industries that needs remote monitoring, data collection, automated alerting, Automated status reporting by GSM network or other connectivity method can used this device.



Weather Stations

Energy Monitoring Green Houses


Technical Specifications GSM/WIFI Remote Terminal Unit (FS 440-TFT)

Operating Parameters Analog Input
Supply Voltage 12VDC Input Type

4-20mA (or customer defined)

Power Consumption 3.7W (5W during SMS/GPRS) Input Isolation Fully Isolated (3-way)
Temperature 10C to 50C ADC Resolution 12-bit (options 16bit)
Humidity 10-95% (non-condensing)    


Digital Input Analog Output
Number of DI 16 or 8 depend on model Output Type

4-20mA (or customer defined)

Isolation type & limit Optical up to 3000Vrms Output Isolation Fully Isolated (3-way)
Input Respond Time 0.5 sec to 60 sec (user defined) ADC Resolution 12-bit (options 14bit or 16bit)


Transistor Output RS-485
Number Output 16 or 8 depend on model Type

Isolated, 32 Unit Load, Master

Output type Optical up to 3000Vrms Communication Default MODBus Master

Technical specifications subject to change without notice


Installed Base
  • Indah Water Konsortium
  • Jabatan Parit & Saliran
  • Jabatan Air Johor
  • Palm Oil Mills