How safe is it to Fly a Gyrocopter ?

    Consider the following:
  • Gyrocopter will not stall (loose lift), as airplanes can, making them safer at low speeds. Unlike helicopter whose rotors are turned by the engine and a complex pitching mechanism has to be mastered by years of training, gyrocopter rotors are free rotating without any connection to the propeller engine.
  • Aerodynamically stable gyrocopter design are much safer in turbulent winds.
  • Landings are typically made at very slow airspeeds and can be made safely in very short distances.
  • Rotorcraft are typically much safer structural designs as their structures are compact and do not rely on cantilever wings.
  • Today, pilots who fly more stable designs and earn their gyrocopter pilot ratings with professional gyrocopter flight instructors fly much safer.
If engine quits, you glide.

If the engine stops in mid air, the pilot eases the control stick forward to keep his airspeed and glides to a landing. Because the gyrocopter flies in autorotaion, the pilot doesn't have to do anything to the rotor blades. A gyrocopter needs emergency landing in the smaller of areas (50' x 50' or 15m x 15m)

The most important fact about flying a gyrocopter

This is a unique aircraft. if you drive a car you still need to get a motorcycle training if you want to ride a motorcycle. The analogy is the same. Get some gyrocopter training before to see if you like gyrocopter flying . Get an instructor to test-fly your gyrocopter. Complete flight training for gyrocopter rating to fly safely.