Scott confident of late surge: ‘We have everything we need’

But many were left in disbelief with the result for Labour, which they think won the election due to a surge in support for the party following the decision to give David Cameron a new four-year mandate for his party, with the promise of deeper budget cuts to aid the poorest and those suffering the most from austerity.

And the fact that Labour lost seats in areas with less than 40 per cent of the electorate is still a big factor for voters.

They were also critical of the fact that the party managed to win e?????????nough seats to form a government after the Tories came third in the polls.

One MP said she would continue to vote Labour in future elections because Jeremy Corbyn is doing “absolutely amazing” to help her and her fellow party members.

Her partner who switched her vote from Labour to the SNP said she was “delighted at the support” she got and said she hoped Labour was the party to beat in the general election.

She said: “I have always voted Labour. I am a member of the National Executive Committee. We have always had some good friends on the parliamentary Labour Party.

“I do think this election can be a really important one. That is not just me. I think the national community at large does have the righ??????????????????t to be concerned about the way the UK is being run.”

She added: “The National Party has made good progress towards getting on the plane and the Labour Party has made a lot of progress in their general election. I really do think that this election is very important to people who may not have been voting at the local and national level.”

But others believe that the big winner this week was not Labour or the Tories but the SNP, which secured an overall m???????????????ajority of the seats in Scotland.

Image copyright EPA Image caption Labour’s election was also seen as a triumph for the SNP in Scotland

The result in English constituencies helped the SNP in seats such as Stirling, Stirling East, Renfrewshire East, Perthshire, and Lanarkshire North.

It did not, however, ensure that the SNP, the main opposition party after two decades as part of the Tories, would win back much of the seats lost to Labour in Scotland.

The result also leaves some SNP MPs believing their party will hold onto Scotland’s largest city and industrial capital.

The Tories have a comfortable majority of nearly 60 seats, as many as eight seats more tha