Widow judith kuerschner criticises coroner in alice springs murder inquest

Widow Judith Kueser was convicted of murdering her first husband Joseph Kuerner when he died of natural causes.

But last week her widow, Judith Kueser and her family held a press conference to complain of “disgusting silence” from the court in the trial of Helen Stephens.

Judith Kueser said: “The court has ignored and ignored me and it is wrong.

“It’s gross. Why should it ignore my views about her?”

Helen Stephens, ???????????????31, died in an Alcester hospital in September last year of natural causes and her death is considered suspicious.

When the inquest jury was announced on Wednesday Mrs Kueser said: “Helen was a fantastic and wonderful woman. She was my best friend.

“I will never be able to describe her in words.

“She was such a warm and sweet and lovely person. She loved my kids a lot.

“I don’t want to get into what happened with the coroners. It’s really gross.”

Mrs Kueser said sh????????? ?????????e was “really upset” by the decision by a coroner to hold closed a press conference when she expressed her view about what she called the “dirty lies and bad science” surrounding Helen Stephens death.

Judith Kueser said: “It is absolutely wrong and disgusting.

“This is about a man who had died – the first time he had ever been found in his bed and we have now to make up for his death.

“I don’t want people to think that there is no justice. We have got to speak out about it. I am not afraid.”

Helen Stephens was found hanging by her wrists and ankles from a bedroom window in Mrs Kueser’s East Sussex home on September 2 last year.

Her body had apparently been taken down to her kitchen and thrown into a garden.

Following ???????????????her death, Helen’s then five-month-old twins and five-year-old sister were found stuffed in their mother’s bed and left in a suitcase by her husband’s bedroom.

Helen had given birth to twins four weeks earlier.

She and her husband Joseph also had two other children, three aged four and six-year-old.

Jurors are expected to hear what the defence have described as “irrefutable evidence” of foul play.

Mrs Kueser said